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To hold a character, please comment with the character name (and PB, if decided) that you would like to hold. Holds last for five (5) days. One extension may be granted, extensions last two (2) days.

Challenges are allowed for CHARACTERS, not PB's. If you would like to challenge an existing hold, then you have two days.

Rejected applicants are free to email the mods at for further explanation. If they are interested in reapplying, they are welcome to. (In the case of a lost challenge, applicants are welcome to reapply for a different character.)

We do accept original characters, but only if they use one of the many names on the Available listing.

Keep it canon. Tutis Tempus started after the Battle of Hogwarts and does not recognize the epilogue as Canon.

If your character is alive in 2002, then they will go through the portal voluntarily with their belongings. If your character was DEAD before 2002, they are basically "copied" by the Portal without warning or knowledge, simply appearing in the new universe. More information is here in our FAQ.

We don't expect every characters to have an answer for every field, but please try to be as complete as possible. We want to know that you have a good idea of who your character is - characters always grow and change in play, but we want to see where they're coming from. Also, please be sure to read the game rules before applying.

Please email the finished application to to apply. If you have questions, all comments are screened.

Application Cut and Paste Box:

Date: 2013-09-03 07:30 pm (UTC)
july_v: (El Beso)
From: [personal profile] july_v
In that case I'd like to get a hold on Oliver Wood, PB to be decided.