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April 1st. 2001.

While taking notes on the rune-lined Dark Veil, Hermione Granger's assistant, one Jonathon Timmons, entered the room with the Time Turner he'd been asked to retrieve. The older wizard was intent on both the safe transport of said device and the inscriptions upon it, making the first less proficient than the second on the uneven surface leading up to the Veil where Hermione was carefully sketching in her journal. According to Hermione Granger's pensieve memory, Jonathon glanced up to fixate on where she was sitting cross-legged only inches from the Veil's shimmering, gray entrance and it was then that the right toe of his boot caught on a small lift in the ground. His body bent forward unnaturally and the Time Turner arched in the air, rocketing into the unmoving grey surface half a second before Jonathon slammed face-first into the ground at the Veil's edge.

Hermione Granger scrambled to her feet and rushed to Jonathon Timmons' side, ascertaining his physical condition when, 42 seconds later, there came the sound of a loud explosion and a force threw Hermione in the air back two point seven meters. She then became aware of a loud moan and it was then that she saw another body lying outside of the Veil entrance, also making note that the color of the entry was in the process of changing from gray to a deep blue. Upon investigation, Hermione Granger sent an alert to the Department of Law Enforcement to secure the site before sending her patronus to notify the Minister of Magic that Sirius Black was in the Dark Veil room with her.

In the weeks that followed, it was a team of Unspeakables working with Hermione Granger that determined the new properties of the Dark Veil and exactly 'when' the portal came out. It took significantly longer to determine that the 'when' was in a different universe entirely. While the Unspeakables report stated that there were no other significant changes to the Dark Veil, Hermione Granger's report – one that was strongly denied by the Unspeakables, the report that only Kingsley Shacklebolt retained – stated that their investigation was closed prematurely and they could not state empirically that the portal was stable. The Time Turner had introduced a significant anomaly into a device of untold mystery and it would take further research to determine what, if any, other properties the Dark Veil now possessed.

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