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Dec. 10th, 2012 12:45 pm
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Tutis Tempus Game Rules


RP drama is inevitable. However, this doesn't mean disagreements can't be handled civilly between players. If players are unable to end a disagreement between themselves, they should contact the moderator at or via the Dropbox on the Site Map.

Individuals that start drama will only be given one warning before being dismissed from the game on the second offense. The same is true of those who are found to be participating in and/or encouraging drama. There will be no exceptions - drama will not be tolerated here.


Players need to be sure they have a firm idea of their character's personality and the game's premise before applying. Likewise, players should make sure they're staying in character. If you are unfamiliar with the term "Mary Sue", please visit this link: . If, after visiting the above link, you are still uncertain if your character creation is a Mary/Gary Stu, please visit this link: . Mary Sues/Gary Stus and godmodding are also not allowed. If you are unfamiliar with the term "Godmodding", please visit this link: . If any of the above is seen happening with a character, the player will receive two warnings before being removed from the game on the third offense.


Both spelling and grammar are important, so looking over your post before hitting submit never hurts. If you use Firefox, there should be an online spellchecker already installed on your browser. With this, your browser will point out misspelled words as you type, à la Microsoft Word. This should successfully prevent a majority of spelling issues.


The character limit is currently set at three per player and they cannot be related to each other or close friends - i.e., you can't have both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Players seeking additional characters must show at least three months of reliable playing with all their characters before asking the mods for an exception. Each exception will be made on a case by case basis but no player can have more than five characters total. If a player does not post actively with all characters, they will be asked to release one to be retconned and recast. No one likes limits but no one likes to be waiting for lines while another player is fascinated with their current flavor of the month character.


Every character is expected to post (either a solo or open thread) or join a thread at least once a month. Individual threads with other players should be finished within a reasonable time or be courteous and let the other player(s) know that there will be a delay (you don't have to justify, just inform).


If you're going away or need to take a break from the game longer than two weeks, we expect you to inform the mods and your fellow players via the Author Community about your absence as well as give a reason for your character's absence in game (i.e. allow for an off-camera reference that your character went somewhere). Failure to post in-game or give hiatus status in Authors in two weeks will result in removal from the game.


Slash, het, and femmeslash are all permitted, as long as there is no reasonable Canon evidence showing that character to be otherwise oriented. Yes, people change and explore sexuality but we would prefer to steer clear of "flippers". Flippers are people who switch sexualities of characters when another character suddenly seems "shiny and purty" just to get with that character. Players will only receive one warning before being dismissed from the game.

JKR herself allowed for her world to include homosexuality without a taboo attached to it but Lucius Malfoy is not going to accept Draco being gay since Draco has the duty to carry on the Malfoy name. (This is an example. He could be bi but would have to date both sexes.) The general statistics claim between 2-5% of the world population are homosexual. So, if you want to play homosexual/bi, understand that any character whose sexuality is illustrated in canon is set by canon. Finally, there is a starting cap of two homosexual/bisexual characters in-game and both cannot be played by the same person.


When choosing a PB, take into account such factors as age, canon description and realism. The mods reserve the right to say no to any PB we do not find appropriate – we are going to be more accepting of PBs within 5-10 years of the character age but we will consider others. Try here for a complete list of icon makers and tips for uploading multiple icons quickly or transferring icons to a new account.


Plots should be created with the pervasive storyline in mind and the RP should not be used solely for any one purpose (shipping, for example). Major plots (death, rape, and pregnancy) must be run by the mods. There are no exceptions to this. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your plot might affect the game as a whole, err on the side of caution and email the mods at for a determination.


All game play must be done via threading on the main game IJ in third person past tense. No IM chat logs, netspeak or one-liners. Posting is done in real time. Backdating should be used with care and only when necessary. Placeholders should be used sparingly and be filled in within 48 hours of going up.

Personal journal activity [aka character datapads] are posted to the game comm with Journal Entry # as the subject line.

Personal journal activity [aka character datapads] must include interactions with characters not limited to one's own inner circle. For example: Harry writing only to Ron and Hermione and not responding to other characters is not acceptable. Harry writing to Ron and Hermione only but also responding actively to Ginny, or Neville on their "journal" entries would be acceptable. No matter how close the trio is to each other, they do have relationships outside of it. Make sure your characters remain as three dimensional as possible.


Subject: Journal Entry 001

I'm heading up to the northern mountain valley to scout for the next week so don't be concerned if I'm not at my residence.

[Private to Hermione]

Could you look in on my plants while I'm gone?


In this journal entry, everyone can see what is written at the beginning and can respond to it but only Hermione can read what is private to her. When she responds, it automatically goes back to Harry as a private message.


The journals are created by the mods and loaned to the players via the acceptance letter. All character journals remain the property of the game. Players who quit are asked to change the email in the journal back to the mod email. Players may change the password but they must email the new password to the mods.


Thread headings should be formatted as follows:

Characters: [Who's involved this scene.]
Setting: [Where and when (morning, evening, between what events of the day) the scene is occurring.]
Content: [For simplicity's sake, you can just use 'No Adult Content'/Worksafe or 'Adult Content'/Not Work Safe. Adult Content is, of course, graphic sex or violence. State which (graphic sex or violence) applies to a post labeled with Adult Content.]
Status: [Open: Private, Open: Public, Closed, Fizzled]

Copy/Paste Header:

This is an end of world, AU time travel game. There are no taboo's as long as both players consent to what's happening. As such, you must use the correct warning in the Content line of the header. If it's graphic in any way - physically or verbally, it has to say that. Players who are uncomfortable with those themes should heed the warnings. We are all adults here, so please show that kind of respect for each other.

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