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» Why should I apply to Tutis Tempus?
» Eww, why are you on Dreamwidth?
» How did my 2002 character get selected?
» How did my character get notified?
» Okay, my character accepted the lottery. Now what?
» Where/what is the portal?
» Are my characters friends already in the new world?
» My character is a Weasley! Are they in the old world or the new?
» How can my character be pulled out of time?
» How can the portal pull without a paradox in the present world?
» What happens when my character arrives in the new world?
» What if I don't want to go through the arrival stuff?
» What if I want to go through the arrival stuff?
» What can my character bring from 2002?
» What can my character do for work in the new world?
» Where will my character live in the new world?
» How does money work in the new world?
» What Settlement will my character live in?
» What the heck is the Ark?
» What should I know if my character is a Healer?
» What happened to the Statue of Secrecy?
» What's with all the Muggle technology?
» What powers everything?
» What's the deal with traveling around?
» Who's in charge/government structure?
» Is there a new Hogwarts? What about the Muggle kids?
» Are there dangerous wild animals on the island?
» What's the weather like?
» Are there dangerous areas on land?
» Special Notes – Sirius Black

Why should I apply to Tutis Tempus?

We have a solid group of non-clique players that will continue moving the game forward regardless of how many other players we have. Our last game ran for three active years.

If you want a home for your character that isn't going to die after a month, or have full-on drama that scares players away, this is the home for you.


Eww, why are you on Dreamwidth

Dreamwidth is – just like Insanejournal – a clone of Livejournal. Whereas Insanejournal has the original, easy-to-spam/crash code, the Dreamwidth team actively updates the code to be a stable and reliable platform.

Dreamwidth free accounts do cap icons at 15, just like Livejournal, but its layouts are highly customizable without needing to learn html.

There are fewer users on Dreamwidth due to misconceptions, the icon cap, and long-standing games running on IJ; however, that simply provides the Dreamwidth gamers with a highly stable platform to RP on. Dreamwidth has the freedom from censorship and layout flexibility that IJ enjoys, without any of the instability and insecurity.

Bottom line? We're a great, easy game to play and enjoy on a stable platform. We have monthly mini plots and tons of possibilities for characters. Dip your feet into the reliable pool – you'll have fun if you want to.


How did my 2002 character get selected?

Your character could have been selected for a number of reasons. Someone might have given their name as a referral. They might have done something to be noticed. They might have skills that are preselected for the new world. They might be a family member of someone who already was chosen.


How did my character get notified?

Your character would have gotten an owl and went to meet a representative at the Ministry who would offer them the "chance of a lifetime". If they want to know more, they have to sign the non-disclosure agreement and then they are told the true conditions of the nuclear winter and what is through the portal.


Okay, my character accepted the lottery. Now what?

Once your character accepted the lottery position, they were asked to "recommend" people but they are forbidden from discussing it outside of the immediate family members they are taking with them.

Your character was then given a day/time one week in advance to give them time to pack/make arrangements before showing up at the portal. Groups through the portal are scheduled for 50 at a time.


Where/what is the portal?

The portal is the Dark Veil on the bottom floor of the Ministry of Magic. An accident with a Time Turner caused the Dark Veil to become a wormhole back in time five million years into the past on an alternate time stream.


Are my characters friends already in the new world?

If your character recommends someone already on the lottery list, they would be told that. If they ask about someone on the other side, they'll be told if that person is there or not.


My character is a Weasley! Are they in the old world or the new?

All Weasleys are in the new world and have been for some time. Your character could have been busy with their work there, explaining their lack of interaction prior to your joining the game.

Currently, Charlie Weasley is in charge of the Ark – the magical animal sanctuary. Ginny Weasley is a new Healer at the medical center.


How can my character be pulled out of time?

Starting on December 16, 2001, the severe cold caused something in the Dark Veil to go a little haywire. It still works properly for the people coming through from 2002, however.

So - to clarify.

If your character is ALIVE in 2002 - you come through the portal voluntarily with whatever belongings/pets you want to bring.

If your character is DEAD before 2002 - you are "copied" by the portal, being pushed through it with the feeling of Flooing, without warning or knowledge, and you simply appear in the new game world.

It can also, randomly, copy/pull people from any point in time as far back as 331 BC, and it deposits them in the new world.


How can the portal pull without a paradox in the present world?

The Dark Veil is making a clone of the person at the time of its selection. So, the person will still exist in their original timeline up to the point of their Canon deaths, however, an exact living, breathing, feeling, copy of them has a chance for a new life in the new world.


What happens when my character arrives in the new world?

Good guys will be met at the portal by a team of security personnel who will bring them to the Command Center where they will be assigned a datapad, a home (whatever you chose in the application), and brought up to speed about life on the island.

Bad guys have the option of being caught and brought to the Command Center where they *might* be imprisoned until it can be determined if they are a threat, or they have the option of getting away - Settlement Three is the least occupied settlement and a good place to melt into the population.


What if I don't want to go through the arrival stuff?

Characters have the option to start in the game already in the new world.


What if I want to go through the arrival stuff?

Characters can start in the game as they are stepping through the portal. The portal puts people in a guarded forest clearing at a five minute drive from Settlement One.


What can my character bring from 2002?

Characters can bring anything they can carry. This includes non-hostile familiars, trunks of everything they own, etc. If they can shrink it to fit in a trunk (or have someone else do it), they can bring it. They are only limited by what they can carry.


What can my character do for work in the new world?

Work assignments are flexible in game but at least one must be selected prior to going through the portal.

Skilled characters are needed in these categories:

Animal husbandry / Fishing*
Loom / seamstress operations
Eco power engineers

Unskilled characters can chose one or two of the following occupations:

Characters can work one or two jobs up to 6 hours a day total. Any time spent tending their own personal gardens is also credited to them on their datapads.

Farms (cotton, grains, fruits, and vegetables)
Livestock (sheep, chickens, and cows)
Security (policing the settlements or patrolling the Ark perimeter).


Where will my character live in the new world?

Players can chose from ANY of the floor plans for their character from this list only. These houses are pre-made, in sections, and were able to be shrunk for transport through the Dark Veil portal.

Characters can make variations to their home with magic, naturally.

All houses come pre-furnished with all the basics for living. Dishes, glasses, sheets, towels, etc.


How does money work in the new world?

The datapad automatically clocks a character in and out of work locations and adds "credits" to it that people use to buy things like clothes or food from vendors.

There is no exchange of coins or paper money. Every purchase is automatically deducted from that character's datapad.

If you are working in your personal garden, it is assumed that you log that time in your datapad for extra credits.

All characters start out in the game with a one month allowance of credits in their datapad for food.


What Settlement will my character live in?

While there are three settlements in game, all current characters live in Settlement One for gameplay reasons.

The settlements are within 20 miles of each other. Each settlement has approximately 40,000 people.

Settlement One is the command and science centre. It is also the main Magical settlement.

Settlement Two is the closest to the farms and mainly populated by Muggles but there are a few Magicals.

Settlement Three is the closest to the Ark perimeter and has the majority of Magicals and Muggles cohabitating.

Each settlement has the exact same layout of buildings. Every community or business address matches in each settlement.

Backstory: The original expedition lived in wizarding tents. A Swedish ministry worker contacted the company that makes the pre-made houses to create all the houses in the new world. Command has enough supplies of house parts to put up another three settlements. The house parts are in three wizarding tents on the south side of Settlement One, against the settlement wall.


What the heck is the Ark?

The Ark is a huge section of the new world set aside as one big animal reserve. It contains - Two fertile animals of every magical, safe kind. Six of each kind of dragon. Other than dragons, no dangerous creatures were brought.

There are dragons, unicorns, crups, kneazles, thestral, bowtrunkles, doxy's, fire slugs, flobberworms, fwoopers, griffins, hippogriffs, jabberknolls, phoenix, and pixies.

Charlie Weasley – Ark Leader
Moira – Senior Keeper
Dorothy – Senior Keeper
Stan – Keeper
John – Keeper
Kim – Ark worker
Katya – Ark worker

Tseng (Chinese Fireball) (F)
Ming (Chinese Fireball) (M)
Dmitri (young Romanian Longhorn) (M)

The creatures on the reserve are not caged or actively cared for unless they show signs of distress. The species brought to the new world were deemed 'safe' and have credible, symbiotic relationships with magic.

The only "dangerous" magical animals are the dragons and fwoopers. Dragons have nesting pens warded to keep out strangers. They are allowed to fly free during the day. Fwoopers have their own enclosure, near the top of the mountain - well off the paths.

Muggle ARK workers don't interact with the dragons or unicorns. They monitor the bowtrunkles, crups, and kneazles.


What should I know if my character is a Healer?


Healer training is 4 years of training at St. Mungo’s or the Settlement’s Medical Center. Since the Medical Center also serves Muggle patients, Healers/Healer trainees are also trained in basic Muggle medicine. It is encouraged to combine the two methods. Trainees have both a Healer and a Muggle doctor supervising.

While on call every Healer has a small box – a miniature vanishing cabinet, of sorts – in their bag. The companion box is located at the Medical Center and can be used to equip the Healer with anything they might need but doesn’t have in their bag.

Shifts at the Medical Center:
  • Day: 7 am to 3 pm
  • Evening: 3pm to 11 pm
  • Night: 11 pm to 7 am
  • On call: 24h starting 7 am

When seeing a patient, the patient’s thumb print is scanned by the datapad, which will bring up the patient’s medical records (this includes records from St. Mungo's).

Canon magic medical procedures, spells and other medical terms

Game canon medical magic procedures, spells and other medical terms:
  • Eckeeos (incantation) – pregnancy test. If positive, a light glow appears above the witch’s abdomen.
  • Stemma Pergameno (artifact) – a drop of blood will make the person’s entire bloodline/family tree appear on the piece of parchment

Medical staff:
  • Johann Amsel – Healer
  • Birgitte Graae – Intern
  • Hestia Jones - Healer
  • Trisha Martin – Doctor
  • Alicia Spinnet – Healer
  • Ginny Weasley - Healer


What happened to the Statue of Secrecy?

When a Muggle accepts the lottery, they are told about the magical side of the world. They don't have to like it, just accept it long enough to get through the Ministry of Magic to use the portal to the new world.

Once in the new world, they can stay on Settlement Two and avoid magicals to their hearts content.


What's with all the Muggle technology?

Magic doesn't interfere with technology in the alternate time stream.

When chosen for the lottery, the character is given a datapad (a computer tablet like the iPad). Each datapad has a unique chip identifying it.

Datapads, similar the iPad, are used in place of computers/phones. A retinal scan or thumb print can be used to activate a personal datapads. They cannot be hacked or reprogrammed to accept a new owner.

Instant messaging, 'twitter', and 'facebook' are all used in the new world, although social networking is restricted to the new world. Messaging, however, can be sent through the portal when it is open. The user doesn't need to know when the portal is open, the messages are sent automatically.

Backstory: The original expedition engineers put a Muggle satellite in orbit which hangs in geo-synchronous orbit over the New Zealand area. This allows for all the technology in the area to talk to each other.


What powers everything?

Windmills, solar and Hydro power. Generators power settlements.

Rechargeable batteries power vehicles (Jeeps and Land Rovers).


What's the deal with traveling around?


Only lead personnel (Gov't, Medical, Security) have their own vehicles. Anyone can sign out vehicles from the Command Center of their Settlement for limited periods of time.

There are no paved roads or driveways. It is all dirt. Some people might want use their carport space for a personal garden.

Magical Travel:

Apparation is the main way to travel on the island. Unless there's are predicted solar flares – then inter-dimensional travel is restricted.

Floos are being set up between each settlement.


Who's in charge/government structure?

Kingsley Shacklebolt is the "top" person with ultimate responsibility for everything. He is, essentially, the 'king'. All major decisions are made by himself and his team of Lead's from every settlement - with one key principle in mind - "What is the best decision for the entire island?"

Herbologists - Main work "station" is in the Medical center of each Settlement but they do not have a structured command chain. Any major discoveries are brought to Kingsley Shacklebolt and then shared via the medical centers throughout the communities.

Security Personnel - Bill Weasley is Head of Security. All security personnel report to him, he reports to Kingsley Shacklebolt. Security is focused on the wild animals and minor disputes. Everyone selected for the lottery was already screened against criminal activity.

Medical Personnel - The "top" person in each medical center is an NPC. Each person is listed on the Settlement map page under the medical center listing.

*Note: Medical and Security Personnel - Your datapads link directly to the med center and security headquarters so you can access information (and the main systems) from anywhere on the island.


Is there a new Hogwarts? What about the Muggle kids?

Each settlement has one Magical school and two Muggle schools.

Each grade level has at least one class which is jointly attended by both magicals and Muggles.

All sporting programs are intermingled - the Muggle children learn how Quidditch is played and they do the announcing and score keeping, along with a few other things so they can participate.

There's also a daycare center in the Muggle school.


Are there dangerous wild animals on the island?

Our Zealandia is AU so we have changed its prehistory slightly - 5 million years, Miocene Epoch - ish.

Zealandia is dominated by non-carnivorous, large birds (50 lbs+) and very small mammals.

The only major predators are in the ocean - whale-sized sharks. (

There are buoys all around the island - approximate 500 yards out from the beach - marking where the water drops off to be deep enough for the Megalodons to swim in. Stay on the beach side of the buoys and it is safe to swim.


What's the weather like?

Warm, wet climate. Temperatures above 70 degrees F (21 deg C).

Tropical jungles all around settlements, subject to sudden rain storms. (This is a loose guide only)


Are there dangerous areas on land?

There are two active volcano's on the island. Neither is close enough to affect any settlements and they only spout smoke now and then.


Special Notes – Sirius Black

When the Time Turner was dropped (accidentally) into the Dark Veil, Sirius Black was forcefully ejected from the Veil - alive and disoriented. The Wizengamot cleared his name of all previous charges.


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