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sirius black
job: scout
birthday: 08.20.59
pb: adrien brody

lavender brown
job: security
birthday: 05.12.80
pb: elizabeth olsen

marcus flint
job: livestock
birthday: 01.27.75
pb: sebastian stan

viktor krum
job: ark
birthday: 12.01.76
pb: stanislav ianevski

remus lupin
job: security
birthday: 03.10.60
pb: ralph fiennes

lily potter
job: zoologist
birthday: 01.30.60
pb: taylor roberts

james potter
job: media
birthday: 03.30.60
pb: matt dallas

cecilia proudfoot
job: herbologist
birthday: 05.15.71
pb: evangeline lilly

adrian pucey
job: potions
birthday: 03.12.79
pb: adrian grenier

kingsley shacklebolt
job: leader
birthday: 09.25.68
pb: will smith

alicia helen spinnet
job: healer
birthday: 05.08.78
pb: alona tal

lisa anne turpin
job: world's end pub
birthday: 10.01.79
pb: jessica kennedy

charles weasley
job: ark leader
birthday: 12.12.72
pb: chris hemsworth

ginevra weasley
job: healer
birthday: 08.11.81
pb: cintia dicker

dempster wiggleswade
job: security
birthday: 04.11.61
pb: idris elba


Hermione Granger (Minimal background in game)
Harry Potter (Minimal background in game)

Oliver Wood

WANTED Characters!

*We provide journals to players for our world.

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