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December 16, 2001.

Ministry of Magic.

Conditions outside the Ministry far surpassed the more severe predictions of meteorological changes. The northern hemisphere has been in a constant blizzard-like state for the past twenty days and the cold permeates everything. Ships were permanently docked now. Muggle airplanes had been grounded a week prior, after one horrific incident occurred over the North American continent.

In the glow of the Dark Veil, the two junior Aurors settled down to a game of cards to pass the time as the lights went out in the corridor beyond, signaling the official start of the night shift.

Just after midnight, the Dark Veil began to hum softly at first, then growing in volume until the Aurors clasped their hands over their ears. The shimmering blue surface rippled as if someone was moving through it, but there was no one present, and just as suddenly, the humming stopped.

After five long, very quiet minutes, the relay datapad began beeping madly, and the Aurors scrambled over to it, still staring at the portal as if they thought something would come through it.

“What the hell was that?” came the angry tone of Kingsley Shacklebolt, echoing in the deadly silence of the chamber. “Who the hell did you let through? They attacked Miss Granger! What in the bloody hell are you people playing at there?”

The younger of the Aurors gulped and gestured that the other should respond and, after a moment, he did. “Mr. Shacklebolt, sir, we didn’t send anyone through from this end. The portal – it began humming loudly and then stopped, but not a soul stepped through on this side, I swear.”

There was silence from the other side, making the young Aurors look at each other fearfully. After a full minute, Kingsley’s voice came again. “I see. Send every bit of portal data that you have as soon as possible.”

Five million years in the alternate past, Kingsley was directing a squad of security personnel to secure a parameter around the portal while a medical team was attending to Hermione Granger’s injuries. There was someone on the island, someone dangerous, and they had no idea where he’d come from.